Our Services

We offer a full kitchen design and installation service, including design consultation, a technical survey, installations, and after sales support. However, all this needn’t take an age: we average a 4 week turnaround from the initial consultation through the design phase to the installation, which rarely goes beyond 5 days. So you really can have a new kitchen with very little fuss and hassle. Read more about our design and installation process.

As part of our commitment to a fast, hassle-free service we offer a complete range of services, from plastering to painting and everything in between:

  • CAD design – from our experienced designers in the comfort of your own home.
  • Electrical work – from decommissioning the old kitchen to re-wiring your new fuse board, all within the time of fitting your kitchen.
  • Plumbing – whether we need to move the sink from its original location or simply renew the old pipe work before the new sink is fitted, we have it covered.
  • Gas work – our qualified gas engineers safely decommission your old hob and install your new one hassle-free.
  • Plastering – our team of plasterers prepare the walls for tiles or paint before the new kitchen is installed for a perfect finish.
  • Fitting the kitchen – our expert kitchen fitters with years of experience fit your dream kitchen with all the care and attention it deserves, no matter how big or small.
  • Tiling – we have your kitchen tiled just as soon as the kitchen is fitted, quickly and accurately so you can start enjoying it even sooner.
  • Flooring – with a range of options to choose from, your designer will talk you through all the options.
  • Rubbish removal – all our waste is collected by a registered waste carrier who recycles all the rubbish, so rest assured: we are doing our bit.
  • Final clean – all our team will clean every step of the way to reduce the overall dust and make that all important unveil even more exciting.

After Sales Support

Our reputation in the local area is very important to us, so stay in touch. We will wish you a happy future in your new kitchen but we are always here to help long after the dust has settled.

Arrange for one of our design team to come visit you in the comfort of your own home